Spirit of the Southwest



About Us

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Located in Gilbert, AZ, Spirit of the Southwest creates custom handcrafted furniture and accessories that enhance your indoor and outdoor living spaces. We do so while always being respectful of our environment. Almost all of what we create is made from reclaimed wood and hardware, all with southwestern charm. For some of our more exotic pieces, we use hardwoods from around the world, always from certified protected growth forests.

We started by making tables for family and friends and evolved into the go-to place for pieces difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. If you need a custom size, style or color, we’re here to help. Much of today’s furniture available at local furniture stores doesn’t work well with your living space, is made from cheap materials or simply isn’t what you’re looking for. There’s where we come in. We’ll create exactly the piece you’re envisioning using only solid wood and authentic hardware, all built in the southwestern tradition. Have a look at the photos in our gallery and let your imagination run wild.

To tell us how we can help you with your vision,
go to the Contact Us Page or give us a call at 480-266-0011.